Blue Dragon Staffel 2

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Blue Dragon Staffel 2

Blue Dragon: Trials of the Seven Shadows ist ein Anime des Studios»Pierrot Co.​, Ltd.«mit dem Hauptgenre Abenteuer. Beschreibung: Nach den Ereignissen der Original Blue Dragon-Serie haben sich Shu und Bouquet einer Favoriten2. Beschreibung der Episode Blue Dragon. Hey ich würde gerne mit die Arbeiten Blue Dragon ist einer meiner Lieblings Anime ich finde Schade das keine 2 Staffel auf deutsch kommt also wenn du noch.

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Staffel 2: Blue Dragon: Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu. Sortieren nach: Epis. Epis. Datum Datum Titel. S Staffel E Episode Stream im TV; Red Dragon. Staffel 2, Folge 1 (20 Min.) Original-Erstausstrahlung: Sa TV Tokyo. Reviews/Kommentare. Blue Dragon: Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu ist die zweite Staffel des Animes. Sie spielt zwei Jahre. Gibt es schon einen Termin für die dj-hamburg.eul von Blue Dragon? Ich denke mal das es noch dieses Jahr ausgestrahlt wird. Begründung: Die 1. wiederholte RTL II die Serie im Fernsehen und zeigte dieses Mal alle Folgen der ersten Staffel. Die DVDs sind am November bei Anime Virtual in. Blue Dragon: Trials of the Seven Shadows ist ein Anime des Studios»Pierrot Co.​, Ltd.«mit dem Hauptgenre Abenteuer. Beschreibung: Nach den Ereignissen der Original Blue Dragon-Serie haben sich Shu und Bouquet einer Favoriten2. Hey ich würde gerne mit die Arbeiten Blue Dragon ist einer meiner Lieblings Anime ich finde Schade das keine 2 Staffel auf deutsch kommt also wenn du noch.

Blue Dragon Staffel 2

wiederholte RTL II die Serie im Fernsehen und zeigte dieses Mal alle Folgen der ersten Staffel. Die DVDs sind am November bei Anime Virtual in. Blue Dragon: Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu ist die zweite Staffel des Animes. Sie spielt zwei Jahre. Blue Dragon: Trials of the Seven Shadows ist ein Anime des Studios»Pierrot Co.​, Ltd.«mit dem Hauptgenre Abenteuer. Beschreibung: Nach den Ereignissen der Original Blue Dragon-Serie haben sich Shu und Bouquet einer Favoriten2. Matilda then orders her forces to retreat. Noi manages to get into the database when Lotarus in her dragon form arrives. Shu and his friends are then approached by a mysterious robed person. Shu manages to have Blue Dragon use his Blue Explosion Www.Auto Mobil.De to cover his retreat. However, many centuries D. B. Woodside, an evil warlord known as Nene, ruler of the Grand Kingdom, marshals his forces in search of warriors still gifted with the power of Shadow and Neuer Planet a means to unseal the conquered darkness, unleashing worldwide chaos and allowing him to implement his own dark rule upon the world. Serie Bull trumpft auf! Gilliam receives word from Delphinium that the Gran Kingdom strategic refueling base was attacked Erika Jordan heads over to that area. Marumaro frees the lady only to discover that she is actually a Dragon Scale that came from Lota. Right when Shu and Lotarus are about to make their next move, Bouquet interferes causing the match to be Martin Baden draw.

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Rogi Attacks. Shu, glaub an dich! Breaking Through the Encircling Net. Dragunfar Special Attack Unit. Labor der Schatten Infiltration.

A Cursor Towards Hope. The Beginning of Penmanship. The Death of Honmalon. Geliebter Schatten Beloved Shadow. Beloved Shadow.

Mystery In The Ruins!! Ein Ablenkungsmanöver A Knight in Captivity. A Knight in Captivity. Towards the Blue Sky.

VS The Independent Troops. Schiff ahoi! Der Weg mit Herz Secret hit. Secret hit. Gehirnakrobaten Extra Seven.

Extra Seven. In den Ruinen von Talta Dragon of Darkness. Dragon of Darkness. Das zweite Kapitel Strong Person.

Strong Person. Ein neuer Freund Disciple of the Shadow User. Disciple of the Shadow User. Underwear Heaven. Ganz schwesterlich!? Gilliam, again.

Wer ist Nummer sieben? Shine, Hippo. Bouquet trumpft auf! Alle gegen Nene The Last Battle. The Last Battle. Die siegreiche Rückkehr Triumphant Return.

Feeling the need to gather the previous partners being shadow users, Shu takes Bouquet and Noi to Marumaro's village to awaken Marumaro's shadow Saber Tiger.

But starting out on a wrong foot sets Noi and Marumaro at each other's throats. To settle their differences Shu has Marumaro and Noi compete in different sporting events like arm wrestling, racing, and other events.

Mikhail leaves to watch over Shu's progress. During their search for Jiro, Shu runs across news of a small war about to happen between a Rosekstan sub fleet led by Captain Varenko and a small band of resistance led by Captain Crester one of the surviving members of Grand Kingdom.

The party continues forward anyway hoping not to get found, leading to the combination of Saber Tiger and Hippopotamus with the 'stealth mode'.

During but a few moments, Crester's band of resistance were eliminated. It was then suddenly Micheal appears before Crester and grants him the power to call his own Wyvern-like shadow allowing him to devastate General Logi's sub fleet.

Having found out that the shadow that Crester wields is different from the normal Shadows and the Artificial Shadows used by Grand Kingdom, Shu's party steps in to defeat Crester.

After Crester is defeated, Shu, Bouquet, and Marumaro learn about the 'Dragon scales' Mikhail handed out which can grant miraculous powers to the user.

They then overhear one of the Rosekstan soldiers tell Captain Varenko that they lost contact with General Logi. Shu's party crosses the desert to find a huge pyramid and right across was Heliut, a town with many casinos.

In the town, they find Legolas, their leader of the resistance who came to Heliut to procure enough funds for his resistance by going to the casinos.

During the conversation, suddenly the pyramid began to rise and start moving towards the town launching its bricks toward Heliut.

The armies of Mayor Heliut the IV fail to stop it. Attempting to settle his debt by saving Heliut, Legolas sends Shu's party to demolish the pyramid after speaking to Mayor Heliut the IV.

Mayor Heliut the IV tells Legolas that if anything happens to his city, he will hold Legolas responsible. Noi comes with a plan which involves Bouquet splitting from Blue Dragon and merging with Saber Tiger.

When they managed to stop the pyramid, they discover that one of Mikhail's Dragon Scales was placed in a mummy.

After being congratulated by Mayor Heliut the IV, the group learns that Legolas' deal to him was that they would stop the pyramid in exchange for being free from his debt.

Arriving to Coreed, Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi ask Homeron the Original to help them in locating Jiro, but learn that he has retired and recommends one more skilled than he is.

Upon learning the triangular pattern as part of Homeron the Original's riddle about someone inheriting Homeron's wishes, they end up at the house of Xie the girl that Homeron the Great was disguised as in an earlier encounter.

Before getting down to business, she informs the group that Rosekstan's capital Albarose was destroyed throwing the world in chaos.

She does manage to give them directions on where Jiro and Kluke are residing. Meanwhile, Jiro has a run-in with Delphinium and Deathroy which ends with Delphinium escaping.

Jiro has trained himself to become a good warrior and is not interested in joining Shu in his quest or wanting his shadow Minotaur awakened. Shu goes against Jiro to see what he has learned when fighting Blue Dragon.

After Jiro managed to knock down Shu and Blue Dragon, they learn that Jiro is training hard so that he can one day defeat Delphinium.

Upon learning about Noi's abilities, Delphinium attacks and captures Bouquet. She uses her as a "trade card" to get Noi to reawaken Deathroy's shadow Chimera.

Noi does so and Tosen Kyuden ability on Deathroy which reawakens Chimera. With Chimera awakened, Delphinium escapes knowing that she run into Jiro again.

After the events, Jiro and Shu's party begins traveling in their different paths with Jiro stating that now isn't the time for Minotaur to be awakened and that he will be going after Delphinium.

In a broken-down village, Shu's party encounters a girl named Linda who tells them that the Brigands consisting of Schmidt and his army of Mecha Robos which were salvaged from the war keep attacking her village to steal everything.

Linda reveals that the villagers shun conflict to evade standing up to Schmidt. When the villagers return.

It is here that Noi met his first love in Linda. Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi help the villagers rebuild their village. After some romantic hintings by Marumaro to Noi, Schmidt and his army of Mecha Robos arrive and attack the village.

After the villagers are safely in the mountains, Shu and Marumaro unleash their shadows and fight back. Meanwhile, Schmidt finds the hiding place of the villagers and finds their hidden treasure while the Mecha Robos with him restrain the villagers.

When it comes to protecting Linda and the villagers, Noi reveals himself to be the young black dragon from episode one when trying to save Linda.

Noi in his dragon form then attacks the Mecha Robos. Meanwhile, Shu and Marumaro finish off the Mecha Robos in the village. After taking out the Mecha Robos, Noi engages Schmidt in battle and defeats him.

Upon seeing Linda's reactions, Noi flies off as Shu, Bouquet, and Marumaro catch up to the villagers.

Moments later, the villagers rebuild their village as Shu, Bouquet, and Marumaro wonder how Schmidt was taken down as Noi returns.

As they leave, Linda appears to say goodbye to Noi. Kluke is shown leaving in a nearby village, being a teacher to some kids and treats the injuries of a boy named Romu after he trips.

While at the beach, Bouquet and Marumaro have some fun while Shu goes to the village where Kluke is living. While on the path to the village, Shu runs into Noi who states his interest in finding Kluke and going to awaken her shadow.

Meanwhile, Bouquet gets jealous when she hears from Marumaro that Shu went off to look for Kluke. The next day, Kluke leaves to tend to her students.

At her house, Shu encounters Andropov who says that Kluke isn't here. Besides stating that he is looking for Kluke, Shu tells Andropov about what happened to Albarose and that General Logi's whereabouts are unknown.

Meanwhile, Noi meets with Kluke. Andropov tells Shu that Kluke doesn't want to end up battling again. While the kids are napping, Kluke tells Noi on how she was treating the injured following a great battle and that one of the injured was Andropov.

Also when brought up by Andropov to Shu, a flashback depicts Shu telling Kluke that Legolas is organizing a resistance against Rosekstan and states that she doesn't want any part in the resistance.

After the flashback, a battle between Shu and Andropove then assume where Shu wins with little trouble due to Andropov's condition.

Shu is unable to trample over Kluke and Andropov long found peace causing Shu to leave. Meanwhile, Noi secretly reawakens Kluke's Phoenix without her knowing and departs.

Later that evening, Kluke returns home and meets up with Andropov. Arriving in a local town, Shu recalls about his attempts to Jiro and Kluke to help him.

This causes Marumaro to become concerned and Bouquet to feel neglected. Marumaro ends up encountering dancing sisters Donna and Reina.

When Marumaro brings them to Shu to cheer him up, the sisters end up dancing with Shu and Noi until Bouquet arrives getting into an argument with Shu.

The sisters break from Noi and end up sucking the life out of Shu and Bouquet. Donna and Reina then perform while sucking the life out of some of the townspeople.

Marumaro ends up deciding to correct this problem and obtaining Noi's help. Donna and Reina recall when they used to be down and out until Mikhail arrived and gave them Dragon Scales to make them more beautiful.

This also caused them to absorb the energy of jealous people. Marumaro and Noi end up disguising themselves as one person so that Marumaro can use his shadow power to deactivate the Dragon Scales starting with Reina.

It doesn't go well when their disguise eventually fails. Marumaro ends up enticed by their beauty until Noi ends up not showing off his jealousy.

Donna and Reina end up attempting to entice Noi with their beauty making Marumaro jealous. Once the Dragon Scales were destroyed, those that they have drained energy from were restored.

As Shu starts to regain his energy, he finds out that the name of the girl that has been appearing in his dreams is Primella.

He ends up waking up alongside Bouquet. With Donna and Reina still unconscious with Noi stating that they won't remember a thing, Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi take their leave.

Shu finds out that Marumaro had been worried about him and Bouquet. Shu and Bouquet then end up in another argument revolving around what happened between him and Donna and Reina.

The mysterious woman before now known to be named Lotarus is shown to be one of seven shadowy dragon from the castle in the sky. She is given freedom to re-judge the people of the world even after her ordeal with Logi.

She runs into Mikhail and tells him that she will handle the next test. In Logic, Shu is at the library looking up while Bouquet takes Marumaro and Noi out shopping for groceries.

After Marumaro and Noi ditch Bouquet, she runs into Lotarus who uses the alias of Lota who becomes curious about her.

She asks what Bouquet wished for if she had power, but she replies that she already has everything she wants. Meanwhile, Shu finds nothing about where the dragon sightings are.

Bouquet finishes her shopping with Lotarus and takes her around town. Shu is still trying to find the sightings of the Red Dragon on the map while recapping what Mikhail said.

Noi runs off to tell Shu that Bouquet might be in danger. Shu even recaps about Xie telling him about a woman floating over the waters when Albarose was destroyed.

While in the park, Lotarus forges a Dragon Scale Pendant behind her back and begins to offer it to Bouquet stating that it will give Bouquet what she wishes for.

But before Bouquet can accept Lotarus' gift, Shu cuts in and identifies Lotarus as being in the same race as Mikhail. As Shu unleashes Blue Dragon, Lotarus ends up unleashing her shadow that resembles a white dragon with pink wings.

Shu and Blue Dragon fight Lotarus as she states about the Dragon Scale tests causing Shu to recap the incidents with Crester and the moving pyramid.

Lotarus states that the Dragon Scale tests were done by Mikhail and that Mikhail had been watching him. Right when Shu and Lotarus are about to make their next move, Bouquet interferes causing the match to be a draw.

Before she departs, she tells Shu and Bouqet to tell Noi to make his decision as well. Later that evening, Shu gets Marumaro and tells them that they are going to find Mikhail who is spotted nearby the wetlands at the edge of Logic.

Shu heads out to the wetlands at the edge of Logic. Of course he rushes there to find him. Meanwhile, Jiro is attacked by the sea shore by some soldiers in white and fends them off when a man named Vermillion shows up telling them to fall back as Jiro is not a shadow wielder.

Moments later, Delphinium and Deathroy approach the soldiers' camp to look for Dr. After 2 days of waiting all spot a cloud that's not moving with the wind like others do.

They were pursuing it till it landed on mountains. That's the place where the clash with Mikhail begins. Meanwhile, Jiro follows the caravan of the soldiers in white until Delphinium appears.

The fight looks like Mikhail got big advantage when he brings out his red dragon shadow against Shu, but he still attacked with stronger attacks.

After a long fight, Shu used gattai fusion with Bouquet and crumbled Mikhail to dust. However it appeared, that was only clone made from Dragon Scale.

The real Mikhail appears. Noi reveals himself to be one of the 'Investiture Beings' also but still has the trust of Shu and the party.

The battle with Shu and Mikhail rages on again with Mikhail unleashing his Red Dragon shadow even when Marumaro and Saber Tiger throw themselves in front of Mikhail's attack.

Mikhail reveals his true form as the Red Dragon. Meanwhile, Lotarus notices the soldiers in white approaching. The warriors Vermillion and Furioso watch the fight recapping about Primella's prediction of Albarose' destruction when Dr.

Tarkovsky appears identifying the Red Dragon as Mikhail as their tri-barrel technological weapons get positioned. Shu refuses to give up when Mikhail starts attacking Noi for breaking the rules of the Investiture Beings.

Then Noi transforms into his black dragon form and initiates the forbidden fusion with Blue Dragon to gain a new dragonite form easily putting them at odds with Mikhail.

In this form, Blue Dragon manages to wound Mikhail. During the fight, the soldiers in white step in firing a tri-barrel weapon called the Brunack causing Mikhail to flee.

The soldiers corner Shu and co. Shu manages to have Blue Dragon use his Blue Explosion attack to cover his retreat. The White Guardians also retreats as Lotarus watches from afar.

Mikhail is shown near a river badly wounded. Shu and Noi have a conversation regarding the events that occurred two years ago as the White Guardians continue their advancement.

Later that evening, the village that Shu and Co. Bouquet uses her invisibility to figure out what the White Guardians is up to. Bouquet then unleashes Hippopotamus and takes the form of a White Guardian to throw them off track.

Making their way through the city, Shu and Co. After Shu's brief talk with Primella, Noi finds a path out of Nirvana.

During this part, Bouquet's hair touching Marumaro's nose causes him to sneeze giving them away to two of the soldiers.

Shu and Marumaro manage to take them down as two more appear. Lucky for them, Jiro arrived and took them down. Jiro manages to create a diversion as Shu and the others make their escape.

When Furioso gets ready to fire the weapons into the area where Shu and Co. Tarkovsky intervenes and tells him and the soldiers in the area to fall back.

While traveling through the desert, Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi come across a ghost town after a mirage incident.

When Shu, Marumaro, and Noi find a girl they are attracted to, they get into a fight where Bouquet had to use Hippopotamus' shape-shifting ability to break it up.

When Bouquet suddenly falls ill, Shu, Jiro, and Marumaro evade the ghost town's ghosts until they see a flying spider-like creature. They go after it on the back of Saber Tiger.

When the giant spider causes a rockslide that brings to life rock monsters, Shu unleashes Blue Dragon who alongside Saber Tiger destroys the rock monsters.

When Saber Tiger impales its abdomen with his attack, it unleashes a multicolored water that submerges them. While underwater, Shu notices a green plant and they head toward it while evading giant killer fish.

They managed to make a hasty retreat to the surface. As Shu and Marumaro dive back in, Noi turns into his black dragon form and joins them.

As Shu and Marumaro hold off the giant killer fish, Noi discovers that the green plant is alive. Blue Dragon manages to yank it out of the ground draining the water.

They then end up back at where the scene of their mirage occurred in which it was all a dream. Jiro infiltrates the White Guardians' headquarters at the time when Delphinium is visiting.

When he encounters Primella, he also finds her with General Szabo who is working as Primella's servant. After a brief encounter, Jiro has a run-in with Delphinium and Deathroy.

When Delphinium unleashes her shadow in defense and Deathroy unleashes Chimera, Jiro sets off a bomb he placed behind her.

As their fight moves outside, Jiro sets off more bombs. Jiro manages to knock Delphinium off her feet, but Vermillion intervenes before Jiro can land the final blow as the White Guardians surround Jiro.

Lucky for Jiro, Xie came to his rescue in a Mechat. After thinking back to her last encounter with Bouquet, Lotarus enchants a butterfly with some of her power.

The butterfly that Lota enchanted spreads its pollen on the girl. The butterfly then puts Bouquet into a sleep where she dreams that she and Shu are finally married and have raised a family followed by a nightmare where Shu, Blue Dragon, Marumaro, Saber Tiger, and Hippopotamus are too cheerful.

It soon becomes clear to Bouquet that Lota is behind this. The dream is soon disrupted when Marumaro's girl-chasing activity results in the butterfly's destruction.

Conrad and a Knight Master named Griz join up with resistance headed up by Legolas and Daner in a nearby city and joins him in exploring the ruins of the Investiture Beings there.

Deathroy unleashes Chimera as White Brigade's weapons fire at Lotarus. She manages to evade the weapons and Delphinium's shadow before turning into her dragon form.

While Lota deals with Delphinium and Deathroy, she also unleashes winged creatures that attacks the White Guardians. Lota takes the opportunity to escape while Delphinium and the White Guardians are occupied.

Shu meets up with Legolas and Conrad and they descend into the caverns that are beneath the city. Noi then reads the messages found on the floors of the cavern.

When Shu has Blue Dragon punch the artifact on the wall, he is sucked in. Hippopotamus pulls a lever that causes Shu and the others to fall in as well.

Noi finds ancient technology that opens a hole in the ground as he, Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, Conrad, Griz, and Daner go down it. Upon coming to a room, Noi works on its keypads to learn about the technology.

The security system is soon activated as thin robots attack. Noi manages to find a way out which they escape through.

They soon come across a room where Mikhail in his Red Dragon form is recuperating. Mikhail wakes up and takes out Griz who tried to attack him.

Shu unleashes Blue Dragon as Conrad does a failed attack on Mikhail. Shu then thinks about what Mikhail and Lotarus have said. Conrad, Griz, and Daner report what he has found underneath the city to Legolas.

Upon remembering what Mikhail said, Noi tells Shu, Bouquet, and Marumaro that he is heading down into the ruins. Noi assumes his dragon form and flies down.

While Bouquet and Marumaro have reached a disagreement, Conrad speaks to Shu about what to do with the Investiture Being ruins.

Noi manages to get into the database when Lotarus in her dragon form arrives. A flying rock-like structure arrives floating above the city and is a threat if it lands on it.

Shu unleashes Blue Dragon and checks it out. Panic occurs in the city as Griz and Daner speak with Bouquet and Marumaro. Bouquet and Hippopotamus merge with Blue Dragon and they attack the floating rock structure.

Shu and Blue Dragon use whatever they can to destroy the rock structure and send its debris far. Lotarus takes her leave after this.

Later that night, everyone is in the database room. As an eclipse occurs, secret data appears. Noi starts to tell everyone about the Investiture Beings' city.

When it is charged up, it is fired at the Black Shadow Type-Three robots who lose their shadowy forms. Hildegard and Fagino have arrived on the outskirts of the city.

Legolas ends up evacuating the city while the others engage Hildegard and Fagino. Elsewhere, the White Guardians start with their ceremony.

Shu, Marumaro, and Bouquet unleash their shadows. Conrad, Griz, and Daner face the two Investiture Beings in unarmed combat.

Hildegard uses her wind abilities on them. Back at Nirvana, Primella starts to have visions at the ceremony. While Noi is working on the database, Bouquet and Hippopotamus merge with Blue Dragon while Hildegard and Fagino bring out their dragon forms in their Shadow form.

Hildegard and Fagino counter every move that is thrown at them and managed to take them down. They even managed to detect Bouquet's invisibility as they advance toward the ruins.

After destroying the city, Hildegard and Fagino assume their dragon forms and escape. With the ruins also destroyed, Shu's group and Conrad's group go their separate ways.

Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi help two female bakers prepare a cake display for a town event to earn some money. But there are delays in the kitchen, and Noi and Bouquet has to stall the crowd until they are done.

With help from Shu, they complete the cake display and use Saber Tiger to transport it there. When Blue Dragon bursts out the cake scaring the kids, Bouquet improvises by having Hippopotamus dress up as a superhero called Hipopotaman to fight Blue Dragon.

This only agitates Blue Dragon in the end who makes sure the party "ends with a bang". Fagino arrives in a nearby village and uses his Dragon Scales to turn four scarecrows into fat clones of Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi.

At the same time, Shu and the others are travelling to that village when Marumaro starts to develop a crush on a local lady.

Upon arrival, the villagers start to fear them and hide in their houses. Vegetables soon start flying out of their houses towards them causing them to run.

Bouquet unleashes Hippopotamus and uses his ability to disguise herself as the lady from before to find out what is going on.

Their fat counterparts soon attack again demanding vegetables. Shu and the others watch this as the fat Shu summons a fat version of Blue Dragon which causes the villagers to flee into their houses and throw vegetables from the window toward them.

This does not fare well with the villagers, who flee into their houses. Shu and the others confront their fat counterparts who then assault them, but they capture the lady.

When Shu and the others find them, they threaten to barbecue Shu's Blue Dragon. Bouquet and Hippopotamus merge with Blue Dragon and destroy the fat Saber Tiger and fat Blue Dragon while Saber Tiger uses his attack to destroy the fat clones, turning them back to scarecrows.

After seeing the Dragon Scale emerge and break, Noi concludes that Fagino was behind this. Marumaro frees the lady only to discover that she is actually a Dragon Scale that came from Lota.

Shu and his friends are then approached by a mysterious robed person. The mysterious person sends Shu's group to a nearby village where they meet up with Jiro and Xie who first appeared to them as a fruit vendor.

However, a malfunction occurs and the test weapons explode. Back with Shu and Co. Jiro also informs them that Delphinium is working with the White Guardians and what the White Guardians has been up to recently.

They also explain that they've been finding out more about the White Guardians and even interrogated a former member of Gran Kingdom.

Meanwhile, General Logi and Matilda flashback to their close call with Lotarus as they view their new giant robots.

As the sides of General Logi and Dr. Tarkovsky prepare for battle as the Investiture Beings each watch from a distance, Shu decides to get involved.

With some persuasion from Shu and the others, Bouquet and Hippopotamus shapeshift their way onto the airship that Primella is on.

When she does get to Primella, Bouquet tries to get her to help them in any way. Later that night, Shu and Jiro lead a raid upon the White Guardians camp.

One of Dr. Tarkovsky's henchmen leads the ground attack with their new hand cannon weapons as the airship takes off. While the others handle the White Guardians, Shu and Blue Dragon go after the airship only to be held back by the hand cannon weapons.

Saber Tiger throws himself in front of Blue Dragon and his left arm disappears in the process though it regenerates by the next episode. Shu makes onto the ship where Primella was waiting, but Vermillion knocks him off where Shu falls into the forest below.

Recovering from the fall, Shu is informed by Jiro and Xie about the advancement in the war between the White Guardians and the forces of Rosekstan.

Shu then realizes that the village Kluke is living in is right in the middle of the invading forces. Meanwhile, Kluke and Andropov notice one of Rosekstan's airships arriving in the village.

When they start attacking, Andropov unleashes Alubujem who uses a flash attack to enable his and Kluke's escape.

Kluke and Andropov are then pursued by the airship which destroys their house. They then encounter two of the children that Kluke has been educating who tell them everything that has happened.

Kluke and Andropov are still on the run from the airship until they crash her hovercycle into a tree. The airship unleashes their armored warriors who bring out their artificial shadows to attack.

Andropov unleashes Alubujem to defend himself and Kluke. With some of them defeated, things weren't looking good for Andropov when he gets exhausted.

He still tries to defend Kluke even though he has reached his limit. When Andropov is knocked down, Kluke throws herself in front of him as Phoenix is unleashed.

As the armored warriors charge toward Kluke and Phoenix, Shu and Blue Dragon arrive and take out some of the warriors. Bouquet merges with Blue Dragon who continues to attack alongside Saber Tiger.

Upon taking a hit from Blue Dragon, the airship retreats. During the struggle, Shu unleashes the power of Shadow, which allows the wielder to transform their shadow into powerful magical monsters.

Shu's shadow monster takes the form of a blue dragon, one of the most powerful of all Shadow magic creatures.

The blue dragon is too powerful for Shu to control, though, and he embarks on a quest to learn how to harness the power he's discovered in order to defeat the dark hordes of Nene.

Soon, Shu is joined on his journey by other warriors of Shadow, who recognize Shu's goodness and potential and endeavor to help him in his learning and battle for light.

Jiro and Kluke, whose minotaur and phoenix shadow creatures join the blue dragon, embark with Shu on an epic search for truth and victory to restore peace and balance to the world.

Blue Dragon is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons episodes. The series first aired on April 7, Blue Dragon is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons.

With his medallion destroyed, Shu is swallowed by the Darkness. Instantly, Zola sends Jiro and the others into the Darkness, as well, and, it seems, that all hope is lost.

While in the Darkness, Blue Dragon realizes that the lower half of his body now exists and a voice from the dark abyss tells him that this is his true form.

Logi, Schneider, and Andropov stay behind and distract the Gatekeepers of Darkness, allowing Shu and his friends to flee as they make their way to meet Zola again.

Shu insists that he stays behind with them. The descendants of the Seven Soldiers of Light unite as one again, but each has their own purpose.

As soon as their battleship enters the Darkness, they are attacked by the Shadows of Darkness. The captain of the battleship attempts to fend off the Shadow attackers with cannons, but the numbers are too overwhelming and some breach the ship.

Shu forms a hypothesis that the descendants of the Seven Soldiers of Light might be able to seal the Darkness once again, so he goes to Logi's base to ask for his help.

Logi had come up with the same theory and informs Shu that he's found a way inside the Darkness. Shu and his friends continue to provide assistance for those who have been affected by the rapture of the Darkness.

The team grows more anxious and impatient as they fail to find an effective line of attack against the Darkness. Shu's trust in Zola is unswaying, angering Jiro into to picking a fight with Shu.

Shadows grow from the Darkness and Darkness engulfs lands and people into it. Shu and his friends are paralyzed with shock by Zola's disappearance into the sphere of Darkness.

With no recourse or way to stop this terrible event, the team is forced to watch as the Darkness is released into the world. Shu and the others rejoice at the return of Kluke.

But the celebration is short-lived as all seven descendants of the Soldiers of Light assemble at the Sealed Grounds and land begins to close in on the Shadow Wielders.

Logi tries to avert Zola's plan by attempting to destroy one of the Shadow Wielders. As the team arrives at the Sealed Grounds, Jiro begins to question Zola's plan, but she won't divulge any information.

Just as anxiety and fear spreads amongst Shu and his friends, Logi, Andropov, and Schneider make their appearance. After seceding from Grankingdom, Logi established a new nation of Shadow Extremists that he called "Rosekstan".

Many nations and kingdoms that were once under the rule of Grankingdom begins to fall under Logi's influence. Andropov follows Logi's orders to track Shu and the others.

After defeating Nene and freeing the children captured by Grankingdom, Shu and his friends return to the City of Logic.

Conrad, Legalas and refugees from various kingdoms and nations celebrate their return. Although they have successfully completed their mission, Jiro harbors feelings of emptiness.

The team is astonished as they watch Nene draw his seven Chimera together to form one monstrous Shadow. Following Kluke's lead, Shu and the others launch an attack on the gargantuan Chimera, but their attacks end in vain and Shu is knocked unconscious.

After Bouquet unlocks her power, Zola reveals that she has also unlocked her own power. They head toward the Air Fortress Galleon to finish things once and for all.

The heroes enter Bouquet's stolen ruins, where Nene is waiting for them. While the others are engaged in battle, Bouquet is transported deep within the ruins by the power of the ruins.

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